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Once the source files and the formats are selected, the conversion can be started by pressing the start button. Before starting the conversion one may limit the conversion to a single processor or allow it to use all available resources. In the last case the load on your machine will be 100%, it is still possible to use your computer, but the slowdown will be noticeable. It is recommended to select "Use all available processors" only if you plan to wait until the conversion ends or you leave your computer to do the work alone.

If the ouput files exist, they will be overwritten. This implies that you cannot use the same output format and the same output directory at the same time!

The progress of the conversion is displayed numerically (number of operations = number of files to convert multiplied with the number of selected conversion formats) and also graphically.

Note the pause and cancel buttons. Pause will suspend all active conversion activities. After being pressed, it changes to resume. You can press resume to continue with the conversion. Cancel will wait that the current conversions will end (in order to leave the output files in a consistent state - no open or corrupt files) and then stop the conversion.

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