HowTo fix page offset for Kyocera FS-1020

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Printing on my old Kyocera FS-1020 works without any issues but the page alignment is often wrong. Pages have a variable offset, there is no correlation from one page to another. Some pages start with a negative offset, some with positive offset, sometimes as big as centimeters.

I looked for sometime for a solution and found nothing that described the procedure completely. You have to clean up and replace damping elements on all 3 solenoids! and not only on the central one. Failing to do so will no completely solve your problem.


Damper to be replaced

The cause are damping elements (small sponges) that are having a glue like effect on the movement of the pieces that control when the printing begins. There are 3 solenoids and most probably all of them need to be cleaned up and the sponge-like dampening elements replaced.


Disassemble the printer

Solenoids marked.jpg


.. in order to get to the solenoids involved.

See the Kyocera FS-1020 Service Manual for details.


  • Turn printer off
  • Remove the electrical cable and the the network/usb/LPT data cable
  • Remove the toner/laser element and store it in a closed box because it is sensitive to light
  • Remove the paper magazine
  • Remove the 2 screws securing the top cover of the laser unit, take the cover up by lifting it where the screws were
  • Remove the cover of the memory extension by removing the crew on the back side (down, "left" when looking at the back side) and pull it to get it rotated and out
  • Using a screwdriver gently lift and push aside the side cover on the left side (when looking at the back side of the printer) at the top - back, top - front, front - up, front - down and the cover can be removed now displaying the side as in the picture Sideview.jpg.
  • Remove the connector in the middle of the mainbord
  • Remove the three screws of the mainboard, push it gently to the top
  • Unscrew the plastic protection of the solenoids and remove it (wires need to be taken out of the fixing elements).
  • Remove the connectors for the solenoids and unscrew them, taking them out to clean them

Replace the the sponge-elements


.. and clean up the solenoids. I got a very inexpensive solution - from a general store got pads that are glued under furniture e.g. to protect the floor. You have to get something that is about 2 mm thick and a little bit elastic. Then cut pieces (small damping elements) out of it that are similar in form with the sponges to be replaced, use a knife and an textile pad with alcohol to clean up the place and glue the new damping elements into place.

Mount back the printer

Same procedure as above in the reverse order:

  • Solenoids, plastic cover, mainbord, ...